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Sell fixed never winter source

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Edited by Hero at 2019-12-3 21:30

That's not all:

Fixed remove gems
fixed all enchants
Fixed all Artifacts
Fixed all skills (all works fine)
fixed all queues
Updated all services on server side
All servers have support RU, EN, CH, FR, DE translations
fixed all quests (rewards, code)
Fixed drop for archer
fixed all crashes of ChatServer and AuctionServer (under load they fell)
added new encryption keys for all services
fixed all items
fixed all game stores (it was impossible to exchange something for something, or just did not have the right assortment)
New file system
New def template
new structures of GameServer, AccountServer, LoginServer, ChatServer, AssetServer
Fixed patchserver (it works)
Fixed Foundry (all works)
Fixed for all NPC's and Monster's AI
New AI system
fixed all backdoors
new auction system
new skills
uploaded new textures
Fixed all errors of animations

And many different other fixes, minor bugs and bugs have been fixed. I do not keep a Fix-list, but this server is implemented and it is absolutely playable, rather than the Assembly from RageZone

My fixes for Neverwinter-world:

(1) Number of default character slots: 8
(2) Big play store update that affected:
Prices edited in-game shop (in accordance with the concept of servers)
2) added items:
- A set of resources in the company Arandara
- A set of resources in the company of the Ring of horror
- VIP-account for 1 month
- VIP-account for 3 months
- VIP-account for 12 months
- Beginner starter kit small
- Beginner starter kit.
- Beginner starter kit is great
- 48-slot bag
- 72-slot bag
New prices can be seen in the game store (in-game)
(3) Correction of game world bases that required one-time cleaning of server characters
There will be no need to clear the character database in future updates
(4) Removed excess items issued when taking levels, reduced to the values as on the off
Translations of 95% of the game client in the following languages are available: Russian, English, German, French.
1) Update the game client - you need to reinstall the entire client from scratch, for the correct operation of all languages
2) Enter another Updater (after checking it also works incorrectly, as the first one was with errors), to download the client at the moment, you should use the whole client download
3) the Introduction of a new language-Chinese, which is available for your exe launcher (NeverWinterWorld_Laucnher.exe) to run
4) is Translated UI tying the game client in RU and EN languages, Russian is now the client uses a Russian translation in the UI, and all the other languages use English (if it's after entering the game, the game content available in the desired language)
5) Return the client startup system through the launcher.
All available launchers for different language versions of the client:
- NeverWinterWorld_Laucnher_RU.exe-Russian version
- NeverWinterWorld_Laucnher_EN.exe-English version
- NeverWinterWorld_Laucnher_FR.exe - the French version
- NeverWinterWorld_Laucnher_DE.exe-German version
- NeverWinterWorld_Laucnher_CH.exe-Chinese version
6) character Slots fixed from 99 to 7 default
7) Fix the skill "Destroyer"
8) Exit from game and perezahod on individual now accounts for 2 minutes
9) Fix the skill "Master of weapons"
10) Fixed VIPs (removed arts with items "VIP for 1 month" and " VIP for 3 months")
11) Translated a large number of inscriptions with hieroglyphs ~1100 descriptions, removed ~580 lines
12) Fixed descriptions and names of some items in the game store (English in the server, as it should be)
13) Updated game shaders
14) Increased the cost of create Guilds with 350K (was fielded on time tests) until 1kk AB
15) a Number of small cosmetic fixes on the server part
1) Update the game client (you need to reinstall the client from scratch for the correct game)
2) VIP on 1 month-now not unique subject
3) VIP on 3 month - now not unique subject
4) VIP on 12 months-now not unique subject
5) beginner's Kit: Small-now not a unique item
6) beginner's Kit: Medium-now not a unique item
7) beginner's Kit: Large-now not a unique item
8) sharandar Set is no longer a unique item
9) the Horror Ring company Set is no longer a unique item
10) Fix Sets for Sharandar campaign - you can buy and open (testing is required)
11) Fix Sets for the horror Ring campaign - can be bought and opened (need testing)
12) fixed description of under choosing time putting primary on auction (was 5 days, became 30)
13) From a dealer with the horses now have the Mounts for the Tokens
14) Removed the "Refine Enchantment" button..."out of the character statistics window, no longer critical
15) Fix discoveries VIPov - all vipy now are opening
16) Fix discoveries sets newcomers - All sets newcomers now are opening
17) fixed stack limit in VIP on all boosters
18) Beginner kit: Small / Mid - "Stumbling health" now accurately there is (but if have player in inventory already there is modicum one this item, then he not is issued)
19) fixed the description of the bag in the Shop for 48 slots (update client)
20) Descended/traveler at the bottom is renamed to "Expert on the bottom"
21) Added button to transfer the Gold in the exchange
22) 10-moreover and higher of in enchantment temporarily there is no (is in designing)
23) Removed the stack for all fragments of magic stones! (temporarily)
24) All skill bows returned
25) Lair of the mad dragon (not the epich.) and it should work
26) Amulet of Passage a new script challenge traders.
27) Amulet Of Passage. % from the Amulet now reduces the amount from a dealer
28) Made a new PvP turn 1x1 60 LvL
29) fixed decomposition of the stack of boosters.
30) Insuring the catalyst - the Price is now 250 ZEN
31) Scrolls of mass life - now Price of 550 ZEN
32) Updated all danzhi, locations, City
33) Added invisible wall on protectorate (were the fall of the under texture)
34) fixed the behavior of monsters in all dungeons (maybe not noticeable, but in some places it solves the issue)
35) Test decision for disappearing textures bosses under approximation to them

Can provide testing, remote detection!!!

contact information:  QQ:1223769933                       DISCORD:hero#0869


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